The ruling All progressive Congress (APC) – The AMAC 2022 Chairmanship leading aspirant, Hon Murtala Usman Karshi (YAMARAYI), is a leader with unquestionable principles generated from years of dedicated and selfless services to God and man in all capacities of his endeavors. YAMARAYI is one man you can always entrust with leadership and the result will be explicable and extremely overwhelming.

The “next vision” of YAMARAYI if voted to office, will be the emancipation of AMACians through the continuity agenda on the rebirth of new AMAC and for life more meaningful for all irrespective of political inclination and purposeful leadership at all times. YAMARAYI has also stood the test of time and proved to be manager of people in all ramification.

Throughout YAMARAYI’S adult life, he has striven to uplift his people and society and has contributed immensely in terms of educational values which is the major tax ahead of every good leader, he was at the forefront in the epic of educating societies and the FCT at large. I can always speak without being immodest that YAMARAYI has dedicated his life, whether as private or public citizen, to making the lives of people more meaningful/abundant. AMAC and the FCT is where his heart lies.

The leadership style of YAMARAYI will definitely take him to the forefront of political limelight of modern democracy. Cast your vote wisely, make your choice wisely, double your support wisely – Together we shall deliver – 2022.

As written by: Comr. Ahmed Abdullahi JUSTICE | Edited by: M.M-Mustapha!

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