The inauguration of the Hon. (Dr.) Murtala Usman Karshi (Yamarayi) Central Working Committee held in DAN BABA TOWN HALL KARSHI ON TUESDAY – 6th April, 2021.

The campaign train for Dr. Murtala Usman Karshi, has been inaugurated to pilot the movement till victory of the incoming AMAC Chairmanship 2022. The committee cut across the twelve Wards of the Abuja Municipal Area Council was set to clinch the victory in 2022. The Central Working Committee, exemplifies a commitment to lead the candidate to victory, It was a group of sense of purpose, the time, energy and focus that we saw during the inauguration in Karshi yesterday, this process convinced us that this was a special group of political leaders committed to the ideals of the Party and will clinch the victory Insha Allah.

The leadership of the Central Working Committee complemented the leadership of the party for fixing the appropriates date for the FCT Chairmanship primary election, which will hold 19th April 2021. The members of the Yamarayi Campaign team were passionate in their belief that the future of the AMACians would be guaranteed and would be given a meaningful life amid the future leader Insha Allah is an educationist and a PhD. Holder, he will be the architects and engineer of a new AMAC, and that will be anchored in new knowledge and knowledge service industries. AMAC in safe hand.

The Yamarayi leadership is aligned with his vision. In the most difficult of times, our AMAC leadership will be largely succeeded in educating and protecting the AMAC investment in public and in the educational sector respectively. Dr. Yamarayi in his speech he said, Most of all, I am grateful to God Almighty, my backbone Alh. Yakubu Saidu Sardaunan Karshi, the entire leaders of our great Party APC, my friends and colleagues, executives and members of the campaign team, my wife and secret weapon, who becomes less of a secret by the day, for supporting me and joining me on this incredible journey, please join me in thanking my entire family members who shares my commitment in building new AMAC. He further said already I feel like home to me.

In many respects, my entire life has been spent in preparation for this opportunity. So allow me to tell you a little bit about the trail that would led us to AMAC in 2022. Insha Allah. Virtually all of my life has been spent in touching the lives of others, I always impact knowledge to them, and share ideas with them, and appreciate them – I draw strength from their energy and resilience, and respect the hard work and determination of the entire people of AMAC. A teacher’s true mission is to make each student feel he or she has something to contribute and to provide them a path to grow through participation, to create a safe environment for students to make mistakes. I would have been happy to spend the rest of my career as a professor, but somehow I stumbled into Politics, 80% of Nigeria past and present leaders are teachers by profession, I called on the people of the AMAC to come out in mass to prove their support for me on the 19th April, 2021. Nothing could be more important to the future of the AMACians than the task that has been assigned to us, and we must not fail. From what I’ve seen and learned here, I have every confidence that together we shall deliver, 2021 is the Vision. It is with humility and a burning passion to realize the goals I have outlined that I accept to contest and promise to carry everyone along.

As written by: Comr. Ahmed Abdullahi – JUSTICE (Director Media) | Edited and posted by: M.M-Mustapha.

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