The Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) will hold it primary election on the 22nd April, 2021 while interested candidate are busy campaigning through in preparation for the forth coming primary election respectively.

However, the disqualifications of acclaimed power/substantial candidate had been widely anticipated after young and vibrant candidate was disqualified from participating in the race, reasons undisclosed, but the fact remains that he has been dissatisfied and already been replaced by another person in the other zone.

Moreover, the news of the disqualification did not come to us as a surprised, it came to us as a heavy blow after wide consultations, and it seems it has already planned, this the pro-democracy camp held meeting in which it was resolved to start with plan B.

Meanwhile planned C is on the way, Mark my words Nevertheless, the acclaimed aspirant which was was declared as the candidate is not the planned candidate, be mindful of this game, another candidate will later emerge as the the right candidate, that is where plan C will Show up clearly to everyone. There has been speculation that the leading AMAC 2022 Chairmanship aspirant will also be disqualified, let me clear you Dr. Murtala Usman Karshi remain the best candidate in this race, disregard rumor from mischievous people, Dr. remain focus, optimistic and confident who that is contesting with him will definitely face a stunning defeat.

Clarion call to the entire people of Karshi and the Gwandaras regardless of which camp you belongs to, Karshi, Karshi, Karshi, this is not the end of the game, make more research and think deeply there is another plan on the way, which is plan C, this particular candidate is not the target, you better unite for the progress of one another, if not another candidate will soon be declared and is not from your zone, mark my words.

“Today we are seeing the results of the relentless hard work that our Boss SARDAUNAN KARSHI – Alh Yakubu Saidu decisively took upon and he has laid a good foundation for us to move ahead, he has drive fear, courage and oppression into our hearts and [in] this we must not let them succeed their plan. A word is enough for the wise.

As written by: Comr. Ahmed Abdullahi JUSTICE (DIRECTOR MEDIA) | Edited by: M.M-Mustapha.

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