2021, Murtala Usman Karshi debuted the campaign slogan “Yes We Can” to great effect. From the adoring crowds chanting at the APC FCT Secretariat, when the aspirant obtained interest/nomination form. It was clear that this was a message that really resonated with his supporters.

The slogan appealed to personal responsibility. It asked of supporters to stop waiting for change to happen and instead be proponents of it. It served as inspiration for people to get involved in the campaign and make a difference. And it was uniquely suited to his base.

The decision-making process of a voter is tied with their perception and desires. It is often not a logical path of judgment, but rather guided by their impression of a candidate, because the campaign team has decisively created it candidate profile that appeals to voters, Yes we can.

Elections need candidates and candidates need voters. That it is why our candidates has compose an effective statements that introduce himself and set his positions on the issues affecting the entire council, he is the best candidate which his statements educate and inform members and supporters to pray more harder and introduce other method and logic to convince the electorates to cast their votes to the right candidate wisely.

Let unite as a tool to face all challenges without fear, this the most important period of election, insha Allah we would be declared victorious.

Together we shall deliver is our motto, Yes we can is our slogan.

Comr. Ahmed Abdullahi JUSTICE (DIRECTOR MEDIA) | Edited by M.M-Mustapha.

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