We at YS Support Group has numerous services such as: political guidance, adding values to leadership system, skills acquisitions | youths empowerment, building of well mannered and fulfilling leadership system.

Other value added services are:

The need to respond more effectively to crisis situations in the face of breakdown of traditional, social and political structures while bringing about the growth of Political Parties such as the lives of All Progressive Congress (APC) operating today. Our approaches towards political ground has become the bedrock of all wisdom and diplomatic solutions. YS-Support-group is an organization that is flexible and democratic in its’ power and attempts to serve the people without profit for itself. We are also known as the Grass-root Development Support Group.

YS Support Group key in interest in Community self-help initiatives to address failures in communal interdependent systems. This organization established by and for the community without or with little intervention from the government; they are not only political group as earlier said but a charitable organization/group, working on socio-economic-cultural-communal activities.

We provides infrastructure, operates and maintain community-based economic enterprises. In essence, other services includes: Interactions with formal private sectors, interactions with states, and as well as fostering an enabling environment .